Interested in Diversity Corporate Procurement Compliance?


Here are some of our core Diversity Corporate Procurement Compliance Services:

Many Tier 1 (Prime) and Tier 2 (Sub) businesses are encouraged and often required to track and report their diversity spend.

Go 2 Girl will establish a program to execute a plan to move beyond the Good Faith Effort to identify areas to connect with diverse suppliers.

Go 2 Girl will develop any necessary requests for proposals, vet new suppliers, obtain certification certificates and build metrics around diversity spend goals and initiatives.

Go 2 Girl encourages a pro-active approach towards developing a culture of inclusion to include diversity statement and outreach efforts for a diverse supply chain.

Go 2 Girl specializes in the following but always open to customize the best plan for our clients:

Supplier Certification


Diverse Spend Requirements

Proposal Review


Supplier Scrub


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