Who Is Go 2 Girl?

Who is Go 2 Girl?


Top 5 Reasons to work with Go 2 Girl, LLC

1. We are currently looking to add to our portfolio for a diverse industry mix - Specifically, Cleaning, Catering and Construction. Send me a referral!

2. If you have single certification, we can pull data to submit application to other entities (Federal, State, Local, & 3rd Party) - You can't be over-certified!

3. You've obtained certification but haven't seen the results? Maybe your capability statement needs a new set of eyes or perhaps you haven't targeted portal registrations or have the time to attend conferences to really network.

4. You want to develop or grow your own diversity spend. Let's take a look at the vendors you have outsourced, perhaps they are eligible for certification or perhaps its time to replace someone with a certified business. Be intentional and be proactive!

5. Change isn't comfortable! I get it, proposals are a lot of work and building relationships take time. Choosing to partner and do business with anyone can be a scary process. It's always best to have a third-party endorsement to make a quality introduction. I'd welcome becoming a resource. (Find testimonials at www.go2girl4results.com)

My mission is "Influencing Relationships to Inspire Change".



Looking for something specific?

Let Go 2 Girl  serve as a resource to increase your diversity spend efforts. 

Your consideration is greatly appreciated! 

Coming soon - Go2Certification! 

A platform that will guide and navigate the certification process, generating "not applicable" templates and much, much more!