About Go 2 Girl President, Vanessa Pennoyer

Have you considered how certification may provide a value-add to your business and for your current clients?

Do you find the supplier diversity portal registration process time-consuming and confusing?

Do you want to meet and do business with other diverse-owned companies?

Does your corporate procurement process need serious development?




I believe that diverse-owned businesses seek or obtain certification and lack the resource to navigate the time-consuming portal process and become frustrated that it’s even necessary. I’m working for transparency in corporate systems and advocacy towards fair opportunities.


Go 2 Girl℠ has always been a natural introduction for President & CEO, Vanessa Pennoyer. While working through several corporate positions in sales/marketing and business development, Pennoyer attended countless trade shows/conferences and networking events and she was always introduced as the “Go 2 Girl”, so she decided to own it. Go 2 Girl is about results and influencing relationships to inspire change.


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Many business owners aren't aware of the benefits of certification (women-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned) for growth opportunities and value-add to current clients. Go 2 Girl works with clients in document discovery to collect/review the necessary paperwork to submit applications for multiple platforms for certification as applicable to include local, federal, state and third-party entities. You can never be over-certified!

Certification is a minimum 3-month process and can be a stand-alone service but is typically bundled with business development.

We are proud to report 99% guaranteed rating with no certification denials.

Business Development

Develop capability statements capturing NAICS codes as a marketing tool to communicate directly to supplier diversity management, procurement, inclusion and otherwise B2B contacts. Go 2 Girl reviews bid opportunities and vets/qualifies the lead "Why me, Why now" to provide a summary to client to build response content for request for proposals, request for qualification, and request for information respectively. Go 2 Girl does the homework necessary to attend trade shows and conferences with confidence and strategic approach for results. Coordinate meetings, lead follow-up and also serve as a professional representative, we are an extension of your business. Supplier Diversity Portal registration, develop and track spreadsheet to maintain updates so client has sustainable platform of links/passwords.


Diversity Procurement Compliance

Many Tier 1 (Prime) and Tier 2 (Sub) businesses are encouraged and often required to track and report their diversity spend. Go 2 Girl will establish a program to execute a plan to move beyond the Good Faith effort to identify areas to connect with diverse suppliers. Go 2 Girl will develop any necessary requests for proposals, vet new suppliers, obtain certification certificates and build metrics around diversity spend goals and initiatives. Go 2 Girl encourages a pro-active approach towards developing a culture of inclusion to include diversity statement and outreach efforts for a diverse supply chain.


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What if we’ve never been to a national conference or haven’t had results in the past?

Go 2 Girl does the homework necessary for your return. We will register with supplier diversity portals, prepare capability statements, arrange meetings or serve as your professional representative while developing a strategic, aggressive plan for follow-up activity.

Do you charge commission on business development services?

Yes, you get paid, we get paid! Go 2 Girl has extensive sales training for vetting leads and qualifying good business for our clients.


What are your fees?

Our fees are based on the project and assessed with time-management components to maximize results.

What if I don’t get results?

Clearly defining success is our mission and purpose by asking great questions to build a plan that measures results. Failure of communication is not our scope of work.


Do you travel for tradeshows / conferences?

Yes, we are currently looking for tropical environments. Seriously, we have extensive experience with hundreds of tradeshows and conferences and sincerely enjoy the thrill and chase of combining instant gratification and exhaustion.

How do I grow my diversity spend?

Great question, many businesses are so busy running their business that they often aren’t aware of their neighbors and local resources for services. Go 2 Girl always knows somebody that knows somebody and great at making connections.


Why does Go 2 Girl exist?

Go 2 Girl began by helping diverse companies navigate the supplier diversity registration process and by word-of-mouth began building a solid reputation for results. We are good at getting things done and done very well. We exist because we enjoy doing things that others don’t.

What’s the best part of Go 2 Girl?

We aren’t a cookie-cutter business and get exposed to a variety of projects and learning experiences that we then share with our clients. Win-Win!


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